Velvety Smooth Upholstery Adventures!

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For a velvety fabric that’s stronger than it looks, try Floral Metallic Flocking Velvet Upholstery Fabric! This fabric features a floral pattern interspersed with stylized double helixes. The well-balanced design is simple yet pretty. It would look perfect on a cloth headboard or as a couch cushion. Though this fabric comes in just two colors, it will look great with just about all décor. The Burgundy/Gold design features a burgundy background on which gold flowers are placed, with carefully sprinkled green accents. Black/Gold switches out the burgundy background for a deep black.

This fabric is made of nylon and has a width of 58 to 60 inches. It is sold by the yard for just $8.99. It does not stretch. You can obtain a sample for $1 if you’d like to test it out. Happy upholstering!

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floral metallic flocking velvet

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