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In this addition of “Unfabrication” we will delve deep into a rather trendy piece of fashion of Buffalo Plaid Wool Apparel Fabric aka, Buffalo Plaid (Pendleton) Apparel Fabric. Dressed in a Textured Black/Red, This wonderful piece of material comes to you at a price of $29.00, and is sold by the Yard. Forming the coat of goats, sheep, and other particular animals, Wool fabric presents itself as wavy or fine soft and curly hair. No added pieces are attached as this cloth is made from 100% Wool. The Width projects at 61 inches with a weight of 24oz.

Buffalo Plaid Wool (Pendleton) is a very flexible material that can used for all sorts of establishments. From Clothing, Apparel, Blankets, decorations, this very fine piece of fashion can be worn or recycled in a plethora of ways. It gives off a black/red Checkered feel just in time for the fall! Just thinking about Autumn and the cool weather that comes to follow the summer time brings thoughts of Wool skirts, Wool Socks and even Coats and jacket that can carry this pattern into a fashion frenzy takeover! Definitely made for seasonal wear, Buffalo Plaid Wool is sure to keep you warm.
The greatest thing about this material from Big Z Fabric is that its continuous! So if this is a product you genuinely love, you don’t have to stop at one purchase. Historical replications can be an option when using this special material. Buffalo Plaid Wool may be the trendsetting piece of Fashion!

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Solid Premium Corduroy

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