Spiderweb-Inspired Fashion for your Home and Wardrobe

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This delicate, spiderweb-inspired fabric features a non-geometric zig-zagging background that displays small bouquets of embroidered flowers and vines. The leaves are delicately outlined, with occasional swirled flourishes. Carefully placed sequins add a subtle sparkle to this mesh fabric. The edges are scalloped and embroidered with a slight fringe. This fabric is simply breathtaking. It would make a lovely, spring-inspired dress or skirt. You could also use this as a decorative tablecloth, such as for a coffee table. It would give your living room a charming, friendly look.

Periwinkle Floral Spider Mesh Sequins Fabric is available in 8 inspiring colors. Choose from a bold Black, delicate Blush, or a deep Purple depending on your style! For a brighter look, you can choose red, and for an ethereal option, you can pick white or gray. This fabric comes in a width of 52” and is made of 100% polyester. It is available for $19.99 per yard, and samples are attainable for $1 if you would like a little preview of this remarkable fabric.

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