Intricate Star Pearl Lace Fabric

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Star Pearl Model Lace Mesh Fabric is one of our new products for this week! This fabric comes in a few distinctive colors such as black, burgundy, gold, rose, green, blue, pink and many more. Star Pearl Lace Mesh Fabric is the perfect combination between delicate and intricate. The stars add great dimensions while the lace and mesh keep it light and airy. Fabric by the yard has proven to be one of the most convenient ways for customers to acquire their preferred fabric and luckily, our new Star Pearl Model Lace Mesh fabric is available to you by the yard. Originally $32.99 now $27.99, this is the perfect opportunity to snatch yours! Are you ready to start daydreaming about what pieces your could make? Call us to order at 213-745-2449.

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Star Pear Lace Mesh

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