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Have you seen our selection of premium corduroy fabrics in a variety of colors. The Solid Premium Corduroy selections come in azure, apple, basil, black, bone, bronze, charcoal, cream, brown, coffee, dune, eggplant, eubergine, fern, and lipstick. With a color variety that expansive and a low price of $11.99 per yard, let us be your entry way to the world of corduroy crafts.

Now, having access to affordable corduroy in a variety of colors doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have a purpose for it any idea idea how to use it. Luckily, this blog post has some ideas to get your creative mind buzzing. Beyond the traditional corduroy pants and garments, corduroy can be used for a number of interesting projects.

Corduroy bears are a popular item in the crafting community and besides being a fun gift for children, there’s a nostalgic feel to them. Corduroy can also be used to make handbags that are both trendy with an aged look, and durable. The durability of corduroy fabric gives it an advantage when being used for heavy quilts, rugs, and drink coasters. One last idea for corduroy has to do with very small children. Most blankets and sensory toys on the market are made with cotton or polyester. A sensory blanket with pieces of scrap corduroy from your other projects can give sensory blankets a whole new feel for babies who are trying to explore the world around them.

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