Beautiful Teardrop Sequins Mesh Fabric

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Big Teardrop Sequins Mesh Fabric is sold by the yard for those who love to sew and create wonderful pieces.

What Is The Price Per Yard For The Big Teardrop Sequins Mesh Fabric?
The price per yard for this fabric is in two price points. The Clear Mint, Clear Pink, Mermaid Black, Multi Gold and Transparent Pink are all priced at $27.99. At $29.99, the Fire Rust, Holo-Platinum, Mermaid Green, Ocean Aqua, Sunshine Crush and Victorian Lilac are also gorgeous

What Can You Make With These Fabrics?
These fabrics make excellent pieces. Skirts, dresses and blouses look wonderful on a woman who enjoys sewing. You can also use them to create beautiful curtains or tablecloths.
Remember to check for the proper care of the fabrics. You will want to make sure that you do this correctly after your item is completed. You can keep it looking really nice as long as you follow the instructions of care that is included. If you are unsure of which color is right for you, order your $1 sample today!

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Teardrop Sequins Mesh Lace

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