Mermaid Sequins Fabrics By The Yard

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Have you heard what is the fuzz about at Big Z Fabric? Apparently our Mermaid Sequins Fabrics By The Yard has become a big sensation on the web with over 8 million hits. Now that’s a good way to start the year BIG. Our Mermaid Sequins or scale fish sequins as others will call it is composed of reversible shiny or matte sequins with spandex material perfect for purses, dresses, coats and pillows. This item is only exclusive here with a huge selection of vibrant colors sure to rock your world. Curious? We are just a click or phone call away is better safe than sorry. Call us at 213-624-BIGZ (2449) one of our representatives will assist you and make you feel right at home. Have A Big Z Day.

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