Burlap Fabric Fashion Shoes

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Burlap Fabric Fashion Shoes

Burlap Fabric Fashion Shoes

Can an everyday product bring effortless style? We say yes!

Don a pair of chic Burlap Fabric Fashion Shoes and you will see exactly what we’re talking about. Burlap Fabric also has immense versatility but is more popularly used for decorative and utilitarian projects. This time, Burlap has outdone itself.

Burlap fabric fashion shoes are comfortable, flexible and, most importantly, very durable. Additionally, because the fabric is easy to work with it and easy to decorate and as such the same durable shoes are also quite trendy.

Made from 100% Jute material, our Burlap fabric is truly eco-friendly as the fiber is made from the natural jute plant. It boasts strong fibers that can manage hard wear and tear, making it ideal for shoes and fitting for practical use in the everyday environment. The no stretch natural fabric is low cost and is sold by the yard and in continuous yards. It is available at a width of 40 inches and is best cared for by dry cleaning.

60 Inches Burlap Fabric

Natural Burlap Fabric

Being very versatile, the fabric can also be used for making fashion accessories, burlap bags, curtains and wallpapers. Burlap is also great for DIY projects, in particular where strength and durability in the fabric is of importance. It is also suitable for theatrical projects, art and craft and agriculture and garden use.

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